Xbox: The Adaptive Controller

Buy Xbox gift card cheap at U7BUY! The Xbox Adaptive Controller unlocks a unique way to enjoy your favorite video games. The controller was created as a means for all players to be able to play, specifically those with mobility issues. This creates an accessibility that many other consoles and controllers fail to give.

The Adaptive controller contains plenty of options for the player. There are a ton of buttons that are available on the controller to be able to map for each game. Not only that, but the controller is able to connect plenty of other add-ons that may be needed for better gameplay. Some of these include joysticks, switches, and even more buttons.

The controller looks similar to how a normal Xbox controller would when laid out flat. Not only is there a D-pad available for movement, but also buttons and jack inputs along the top of the controller. There are even two large pads that can either be used as extra buttons, or even possibly movement.

The controller is able to connect to the Xbox console through Bluetooth. It works very similar to the regular Xbox console, only you will need to map out the buttons and controls for each game played. This can be tricky depending on how many buttons or add-ons are needed but can be worthwhile once completed. It can even be as easy as just connecting an add-on to a jack.

Some other more advanced add-ons can include the Stealth Switch Pedal or the Extreme Pro Joystick. Both add-ons are ways for the player to enjoy the game through the movement controls. The pedal can be used as an action move of any kind (such as sneaking), while the Pro Joystick is used as any other way to walk around in-game.

A lot of the add-ons that can be used on the Adaptive Controller are not found through the Microsoft store. However, the add-ons are still shown to be able to connect to the controller anyway with links provided to purchase them from third parties. The main add-on that is purchasable through Microsoft is the Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit.

This gaming kit includes some basic add-ons to start off with. These include some switches of different sizes, buttons, and pressure-sensitive trigger buttons. All of these add-ons can be easily connected to the Adaptive Controller and also mapped. They are also incredibly easy to use thanks to their lightweight and easy connectivity.

The Adaptive Xbox Controller is purchasable through the Microsoft store at any time at roughly $99 before tax. However, this only includes the basic controller and not the Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit or other third-party add-ons. With that being said, the Adaptive Controller can be a fantastic way to be accessible for all potential players. Visit U7BUY’s gift cards shop for amazing deals!

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